Short Fall Story. Arizona gathering

Well once upon a near midnight, a crowd of firs despite the bite of cold moonlight edied out near the path where the clay would take them to the large pond infested with wolves. they figured the crys of the beasts could shade their nettled kidlins in harmony with that big white ball of glow up high.
But the wolves ran away as soon as they saw the firs because they were headed out west for some raw blossums on that scene. There they could join the cayotes and wild jack rabbits and chase their tails around the tumbling weeds and the heat that scorched even the night.
And get lucid on cactus which would leave the firs to desert their best laid out plans and seek their own solitary exstasies with the land. And that would leave the wolves to festivities… As maybe wolves are equipt with little we really know…since none of us ourselves are wolves.
But i’m getting behind myself:
Then one night long afterwards a girl came along. A young girl. in rough clothing with pantaloons tattered and one big sheet for a shirt. she wasn’t homeless. the world was her own private quarters and games;
The games she played this night were different though. They weren’t really games at all (She eventually came to think.)
In fact they were more like an obligation. She was searching for something. Was the world not her backyard? Did she need to seek refuge finally? were the games she played becoming old hat? These are the things she wondered as she scurried along.
Not long after she began her conquest then she forgot it and started to aimlessly stroll still not at loss it seamed to be a child and know nothing but the world around her in the wild much mirrored in her joyful heart.
She found a foot path of orange moon-hit clay and struck up interest in the marvel of her true home and then she saw it: the pond! With all its shimmering fish leaping out of the smooth dark waters and pretending to be filled with light speaking in whispers from the ripples to the girl. There was something else: Fir Trees! and Saplings! All around her. she’d never seen so many in one place! Convening like this! And several thoughts occured to her then: She was on a conquest to find Harmony. To find Home. To find herself. She’d found a pond. The wolves hadn’t eaten her up and they had found home. Where was hers? “Up”! Like the fir trees she was glancing upon, Came the answer-
The girl–This day seamed to her so much different then the last. She had taken to the water for a swim after removing her entrapments and bare she whistled to the stars she could make out for the firs. After her swim she climbed out from the dark waters and felt lonely. sitting on a large rock. she put her fur back on and suprised at herself howled to the moon quietly and then fell asleep.
The wolf pack became very bored after much celebratory gain and coweled back to the pond. Finding the little girl they themselves were glad they weren’t hungry; (having feasted in the not so far away desert tundra) Rabbits….. …. and such.
The girl was lost in a deep slumber. she was dreaming of water and underwater chests of jewls encrusted with algea and barnacles. (the swim and the dreamy moon and stars must have made that capital for her tonight.
Awakened by a howl she dreamed was her own she hopped up tall and ,oblivious, continued to howl at the moon (or so she thought it was continuing)
Then, from behind her she heard a choir of wolves howling but instead of glancing back she fell silent and believed it was the moon.
The portrait was painted. An Arizona gathering. and then…
she joined the pack. and the walking firs were always shelter. And the wolf pack: the bidding of friends!
The end


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