Pauper girl (a poem)

In a Smoky room
A pauper Girl
Flips the fan
in front of her face
with loft and Grace.
Her Prince
is the October Dew-


Jonquil (A poem)

The Jonquil
Is a yellow flower
blooming only when
Its legs give out
and roots bestow
the little tooth
a home
under the sky-

Red Barn

The very SameĀ  Red Barn
And a Warm Intoxicating Breeze
Is now Sheered with Rain.
The Brown Horse
The white Donkey
With black tipped ears that
verb: Rouge
in the rain
Stay the same.
Teeter like a sea saw in the mud.
There is No Focal Point
That’s why the Dream
efforts to Fate.
(It’s all just as well)
(Because Its all the Same-)