Is togetherness a mystery?

Why then do i impulse without end that conversation at a far could be about me.
the person without a hat on says: “because its a compulsion”

Well, but thats not the reason i want to give..

THAT was powerful. me turning finally into saying wait a minute.
i have a propensity to wonder if things are about me…
and i realized ‘compulsion’ was not the reason I MYSELF want to give.

that things are about me?? is never going to budge.

because i belong to this world. and people care about me. and most importantly I CARE ABOUT THEM.

i want their feedback. I want to be ever present in the lives of people who i touch so i can reach out to them with blessings from the heart.

and so that i can bring my OFFERING.
which is indivisible because no form comes between us. only space and shapes

(i am still working on this post)
all i knew was that angular reasoning wasn’t what i wanted to bring to god for a propensity to rationalize something in the heart.

That must be granted some mystery.
and i think that is the answer,

Why are things about me?
because i center in the heart a togetherness of mystery!!
isnt togetherness a mystery?


There are functioning thoughts and working thoughts.
what might seam like a dramatic thought, might actually be a functioning thought.
(my thoughts this morning)
background and foreground.
i really dont have anything else to say on this.
but what is background might just be prayers of concerns that one needs to take to god.
dramatic thinking…in my opinion might just be prayers and a private language with god.

Jam write; The Right-

Its all even timing. yeah. at this end of the game.
I just haven’t gotten even.
Just try to look at it off of aging.

and into the layout.
para la atmosphera. The Undulation. the Dream.
The study that is just the backdrop
for the real stage that fell from me.

And don’t be ashamed of bees.
Like its all rhythm and blues.

All open seas
Seas that aren’t ashamed of bees.
Because you know they’re floated right above the waves.
Of the tidal twirl
and things are in a swirl.

trying to feel something belonging to someone else.
that MUST be good.
I HAVE to believe its good.

but it doesn’t even equate in the dream.
Like a needle still left unprepared for the making
of the seam.

Just another thing.
Just a thing.