Languid the Hare

Once upon a time, Languid the Hare strolled the by ways and here says of New York Cities Rivers.
He smoked a skinny Stick and he tipped his Fedora; (His Hat) at the lovely Ladies there by. His Bushy
Tail scraped the Concrete ground so it left a Clean Trail everywhere he went. He held a book of Poetry by De La Vu in his hands at all times…Occasionally fumbling through and voicing excerpts from its contents and he Loved to play the harmonica. The Truth is he belonged Nowhere but he belonged Everywhere. He hid his Sorrow in is Freedom and so Kept the concrete Clean.

One day Languid met Fervent the dog. Fervent said he was looking for something to eat. The Hare was (In this story) larger than the dog and stood on two feet too, but E’ was just a little Yorkie besides! So Fervent said to Languid “Do you know whats good to eat?” Languid looked so languidly at fervent and fervent told the truth: “I’m only here to catch a squirrel but by the rivers there are No Trees!”

Languid traced his bushy tail with his teeth then let go. His tail landed gently by his feet. No later than his tail hit the concrete then fervent caught a squirrel in the tree that grew and bloomed rapidly by the river on Languid’s secret wish. And off went Fervent.

The Hare continued to clean the Concrete with his tail…Making little Stanzas of Sweet Harmonica music as he went; Up next to Languid hoped Racing the Kangaroo. “Oh, oh, oh; Ho, ho, ho!
said Racing. “Who are you so clad?!”

“I am Languid the Hare” Said the Hare.

“Oh, oh, oh; Ho, ho ho!” Said Racing; “I am looking for the Zoo but my cage is Missing! What shall I do?”

“Well,” said Languid, “Perhaps…” And up went the Hares tail in the Hares Teeth. Wamo! A ferry for the Zoo (With Kangaroo cage) In View Docked Near! And off raced Racing…
How about that Joey Roo?! And Languid strolled along; Lifting and Prying his book open reciting: “Once upon a day Dreary and three beings…Was a sunny day…The trilogy wore a hue”

Then eventually someone caught up with Languid. It was a prowess Cat as tiny as a pin stuck in a Cap!
“Hello cat”, said Languid. “What is your prescription?”

“Nothing here” The little one piped. “Just a Stroll takes all my might.”

So Languid and Stroll found themselves a Pair! And the Stars shone bright over New York City that night.

Then Languid and Stroll sat down in the Lull and loud, Harshness that is the City by the river; And watched the lights that played in the distance Dance.As if it were happenstance while a close friendship in Fact was becoming Named, Gained, and a glad Find.

“How do you like this Night, Little Stroll?”, asked Languid to Stroll.
Stroll merely grinned; Then, “This is truly how True Friendships Grow…
The kind that do not end.”

The end




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