Short story. wheres the mind at?

i’m kind of glad. i’ll be able to get back to my mind ONE day. and poor sundel really did find his mind one day. a few days later actually. he was standing in the briggs. the bar . yeah. the briggs. and he sliped on a water stain from a yellow mop pail. he fell so hard. having actually flown in the air from the slip and it knocked him unconscious. poor guy woke up with total recall.
he couldnt quite make it out of the bar though. said he couldnt find the door.
everyone thought he was knocked senseless cause he didnt know anything anymore.
ten months later…..he showed his talent. he knew everything. every nook cranny and crack in the town. he said he had to travel all around the world so he could write thousands of notes in books hed buy at all the places he remembered. depicting all the places he remembered. and thats just how he felt that day. the day he sliped in the briggs.


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