BLOG: going through blind-

i dont like *this person* because she makes me goo.
and him too. the couple just makes me all gooy.
and i start fumbling with my eyes on my hands and my mind vacates to my mouth and it opens up and speaks. and its all just gooy.
i guess its all one big test for the world cause its gatta be shapoop. (Shazam)
so..i’m not really a newbie. or a rookie. not at all. i’m just ME. and i still dont know who i am. never will. i gave up trying and just am something without knowing for SHOW what it is.
To tell you the truth. my creativity is on hold because i havent painted in over a year and i’m going to in august for the first time again.

and i’ll be posting some new works on this site in september.

until then hear me dwell in the jot.

Have a wonderful day!


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